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Update on Bella   aka  Miss Lily

Ahh.....what a day on the water!!!  Peace, comfort and cool....the Grady White boat is
so neat...what a place to spend the weekend.

Looks like it's time for a water taxi ride to the beach............

My sister Snuggles and I are preparing to board the water taxi.............

It's a lovely ride with Dad to the beach, we get to run, run, run
AND take care of business................

Waiting for Mom to prepare dinner, anticipating what deliciousness we'll have....   

A little after dinner snooze..................



Hi Everyone ~~ This is Bella just checking in from (insert drum roll) ÖÖÖ

the Adirondack Mountains!  Yup, thatís where we ended up!!!!! What a cooooool place this is and I donít just mean

 temperature wise. Ya, Ya I did need the turtleneck long sleeve sweaters mom and dad packed for me but during the

 day out in the sun ~ well, I have included pictures below. Do I look happy? Need I say more?



                                                                     Ahhhh....the sun feels so good----it's so peaceful on the lake.         Just a little chilly this day, but they kept me happy!


My sister tried to get me up, but I was just too relaxed!!


Love, Bella  



Hi Everyone ~ This is Bella (aka Miss Lily) 

I wanted to tell you about my new life since I was adopted.

I gotta tell you, my Mom and Dad and sister know how to keep busy!

Here I am sunning myself on my boat (well-it belongs to my Dad really)
I love the sun and the ocean and riding on the boat is really cool!


Once we get to where ever we are going, on this particular day it was
Cuttyhunk ~ off we go to run along the beach and swim. This is my new
sister ~ Snuggles, sheís a Japanese Chin (in her summer coat).
We love to explore the beach!


 AND at the end of a long, warm summer day my Dad has ICE CREAM!!!
Boy do we love ice creamÖÖÖÖ.


Snuggles tells me that Iím going camping for 3 weeks this fall,
and itís like heaven where weíre going! Sheís been going to this place for 7 years already!  
I saw them getting my long sleeve coat and rain jacket ready for me
and my sister ~ must gonna be cool where ever weíre going!
Thatís OK, my Mom letís me sleep under the covers near her feet to keep me warm at night.
Sheís really good to me even though I keep stealing her things,
especially her shoes and chewing on them. I gotta learn to stop that,
but itís hard, Iím only just a puppy still, ya know! I follow her everywhere, just like a shadow,
but she seems to like that and the BEST place to be is on her lap when she
reads or watches TV. Sometimes she calls me her book rest, what ever that means!!

I hope I hear from some of my other adopted mates from the shelter soon.
It would be really nice to hear the good stories about their new lives!

Love, Bella


Yeahhh!!!,, I've been adopted, I have a new Mom & Dad!!!
Miss Lily has been adopted !!!

Miss Lily

"That's what my mama calls me "I'm a 7 month old mix. Can you guess what?.... Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua. I am a female as you probably already know. I'm spayed and up to date on all my shots. I love to PLAY and PLAY and PLAY!! I can cuddle real good. If you are looking for a shadow, Look no further, that's me! I'm in great shape, my colors are beautiful tan, brown,& silver. I get along with all dogs (big&small) I'm a little scared of cats.... but, I hide that when I bark at them. Come and see me and you won't want to leave without me! email my mom at HPPYDOGS@VERIZON.NET leave her your name and number(s) so she can get a hold of you and we can get to meet each other soon. Bye Bye, I'm waiting!!!!


Scout ( aka Princess)


Hello! (and woof woof!)
We wanted to thank you for the opportunity to bring such a wonderful dog into our home. She is such a joy!
Princess is adjusting great to her new home, and her new name... (She is now called "Scout". "Princess" didn't seem to suit her very well, and she didn't respond to it much, anyways). She's already gone for 4 walks, played in the yard, met her little sister, and made herself right at home.
She is doing all of her "business" outside, and hasn't so much as thought about jumping on the furniture or claiming our daughter's toys as her own. She is an angel! I can't imagine how anyone could part with such a dog!
We've also started training her with our invisible fence, and in less than 24 hours she is getting accustomed to where she can and cannot go. After a few weeks with us, she'll be safe in the yard without having to be tied up!
Here are a few pictures of her first day home! She loves watching the street from our front door and keeping an eye on the squirrels in the back yard. Our daughter even shared her blanket with Scout and tried to snuggle with her.
Thanks again
Tim and Laura Emerson

I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Princess has been adopted!!


Hello, I am your fairy princess,.....
wait that's not how it goes
,.... Anyways, I am
PRINCESS the name suits me perfect. I am very proper and clean! I always do my duties outside. I am a 2 yrs young lab/ anatolian shepherd/mix I am up to date on all my shots, matter of fact my next rabies is in 3 years, heartworm neg. I am spayed, house trained, and crate trained!!  I was an owner surrender only because of the gap under the fence which I thought was a doggie door to let me out to explore.  I play with children well, and all other dogs.  I get along with cats also. I do very well on a leash!!  Walks are great, and in the car I am a very well behaved doggie princess.  I do not chew or destroy anything!!!  I've been free in the home and never had a problem!!!  I would be a super addition to any family, a fenced in yard with no gaps under the fence would be perfect.  Email my mom for more info at hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you asap.  Just take a look at my pictures and tell me that you didn't just fall in love. Hope to here from you soon ByE ByE


Anvil Update



Hi, It's me Anvil......
I came to visit  my foster home for a week
and had a bunch of fun!!!
Check it out!!!!

See Anvil's visit to his foster home online.


Anvil's New Family

Hi Everyone and Happy New Year from Cape Cod!! Iím enjoying my new life here with my new family. Iím finally adjusted and things just couldnít be better. Kiara - my big sister- (or so she thinks) loves playing with me. I get lots of kisses from her friends. I especially like to go in her room and steal her stuffed animals. I donít chew them; i just want a little company in my bed sometimes. I just donít understand why mom and Kiara take them away all the time. For Halloween, grandma and mom made me the best batman costume ever!! I just canít stand that mask!! I was especially excited to get a new basketball and my very own stuffed animal from Santa this Christmas!! I was so excited; I popped the basketball in the first ten minutes! Oops! However- you will never believe that my dad stopped and got me a cheeseburger from burger king for Christmas!! What a present!! It went down in one swallow!! I love cheeseburgers!! In my free time, mom and dad take me to an open field here on base and let me off my leash to play football. They try and keep it away from me but mom isnít very good at catching, thatís when i move in and run till Iím tired and they chase me. I am so lucky to have been adopted to such a good family. Iíll keep you all updated on how Iím doing- being so famous is hard work!! I hope you guys like the pictures my family took. Take care..... Anvil

PS: I loved my picture on the Christmas stamp!!






The Williams were looking for a family dog, not really interested in pit-bulls until they met one
and saw how friendly and loving that they can be. Unfortunately they were turned down by a local
shelter due to their daughter being only 5 years old. After searching for a new family pet they found
Anvil on our web site and decided that they needed to come and meet him, they found that Anvil was 
such a big baby and loved their 5 yr old daughter. They now are loving their new family addition,
and in a short time he is adjusting well, here are some pictures of the family,......


I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Anvil has been adopted!!



Hey Hey Hey!,  Anvil is here. 
I am the man. I am a 94 lbs, 3.5 yr old, pure blue Pit-Bull.  I came from a breeder in New Jersey, so, I have all of my paperwork. I love people, kids are cool too! I don't mind other dogs but, I would rather get all the attention. Cats are weird, but, I just leave them alone I have better things to do like chew on a bone or play with my ball. I am neutered , up to date, and also micro-chipped. I like to take car rides with my mom, get walked around the yard a few times a day and I love to just relax in the house on those hot, hot, days.  Don't let my size intimidate you, I am an extra large love bug. I would love to keep someone company and be a forever companion. Email my mom at
hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 she will call you asap. Leave your name and number(s)   By the way HURRY UP!!!!, I'm waiting!!!


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