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BaILey's New Home


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 BaILey has been adopted!!




 is my name and being a CutiE is my game :-)

Hi Everyone,.... As you can see from my pictures I am one cutie pa tutie !

 I'm about 11 weeks old and I am up to date on my proper vaccinations and have an appointment to be neutered this month. 

I have been having a great time here at mom's house with all the other doggies and kitties. 

It seems that everybody LOVES me including MoM "

she even thought of keeping me " but,... the best for me is to go to a forever  home to get as much attention as possible. 

MoM says that I am a complete shadow.  I will follow you EVERYWHERE !

 Mom takes me out on harness and I am doing excellent.  Even at my young age I walk perfect on harness.

 I LOVE car rides and enjoy sitting on your lap as you drive around town.

 I'm such a smart boy and already have a schedule that I am doing perfect on.

 I do ALL my duties outside like a big boy and have had minimal accidents in the house.

 I also have learned the stairs and am able to go up or down all on my own.

One of the most important things that I like to do is to get in your lap and cuddle.

 I especially enjoy laying in bed with you for a nice nap.

I am crate trained though and I have no accidents through the night,.. 

my schedule is set @ going out @ 10-10:30pm the latest and I'm good all the way to 5:30-6am without accidents !! 

I have been playing with all kinds of doggies here big/small,..

even the kitties find me to be a nice boy     ( they don't even give me a swat upside the head like they do to the others)

Well I guess that I am super special and I was hoping that you did too. If you are interested please fill out mom's application right away Hope to hear from you soon !!

******~BaILeY~ ******


Update on BrodY


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Brody has been adopted!!

LArge and in CHarge is who I am.
My name is


I'm a young lab mix weighing in @ 65+ lbs.Up to date and microchipped.
I was built like a bulldozer, low, long and strong.
Don't let this intimidate you because that would be wrong.
I'm the biggest love bug that you ever met.
Even though I look funny when I'm soaking wet.
I heard that my dad may have been hound
since I have noticed myself, my nose to the ground.
I'm learning to walk on leash and doing well.
before you know it I'll be doing swell.
I've met a number of doggies here and have done well with all.
One of my favorite past times is playing with "stuffed animals " or playing ball.
The tug of war rope has been a a really good game,
but when its me versus mom, I put mom into shame :-)
Mom has taken me out on a couple of car rides
My favorite part is when she stops for a burger with fries.
We drove over to a park and I was the hit of the town
EVERYONE came and pet me as I acted like a clown !!
I haven't met a person that I have not liked,
even the weird ones that ride around on their bikes.
Kitties are furry, freaky, and dumb.
I don't give them the pleasure, not even to sniff my bum.
I'll throw them a bark and maybe a chase,
So, if I live with kitties it may be a mistake.
I've gotten shots, checked, and even blood tests
I've lost my manhood ,..... and then I wept ;-(
Still looking for a home to call my own.
I hope it will be yours ,.....
because in your yard is where I will be happy to burry my bone.
Doggie Van Barkalot


cLaNceY's New Home


Its me


Love my new family and they love me.Have my own couch

Have my own pool float .Here's a couple of pictures

I'll send more soon. Thanks for all your help




I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Clancy has been adopted!!



the name and being an 80lbs lab is my game.

 Even though I'm 80lbs mom here thinks I'm a little on the skinny side.

 I overheard her say that I should be topping in at about 95-100.

 At this size I walk on leash fairly well and you would never guess that there was a big boy on the other end of the leash..

Mom takes me on car rides ALL the time and I LOVE them. She went through A drive through and got me a special treat,.... a plain

double cheeseburger " I love that dollar menu ;-)

 I've got to say they never look like the ones that I see on TV ?!?! "

After a good old burger we take a cruise around the country roads where I stick my nose out the window and sniff away.

 I got to go to the lake and wet the feet and take a quick dip to beat the heat and boy,.. do I LOVE the water.

Since I never met dad I don't know my exact breed but I must say,.. I look as lab as a lab can possibly be.

Mom gives me babies,( stuffed animals ) and I like playing with them,

 I even like the ball to be tossed so I can chase it around the yard.

 I know that it sounds like I'm having a lot of fun in which I am but what I am missing is a real FOREVER home.

If you have room in your heart and home,.... would you make room for me?

 I bet that you wouldn't regret it.

I promiss to be a good boy, do my duties outside, make my bed, clean the house and even go to work,.....

well ,...... I can definitely be a good boy :-)

f your looking for a happy go lucky, good on leash, good in the car, Loves the water type of dog,...
LOOK NO FURTHER , I am your DoG !!


We've got a new home, We've got a new home!!! W've Been Adopted - together !!
 MenA and NinA have been adopted!!


                            Hello everyone !! My name is


                                  I am a 6 month old Aussie Mix.

                                        I haven't a clue who dad was and mom never told me so your guess is a s good as mine.

                                    I kinda look like a mini plott hound except I don't howl nor am I much of a barker.

                               I was rescued with 2 of my sisters ( Lena + Nina ) and we are all on the same boat looking for a forever home.

                                 I have done a few car rides and enjoyed them, especially when mom takes us out to that place with a magical window
                                where a person stands there and hands over a bag full of yummy treats !!!

                                  Let me tell you " I'm lovin' it "

                                     I don't even mind it when they ask if we would like fries with that,... they get a triple wrrufff for yes please.

                                We took a ride over to the pond and got to get our feet wet.

                                        We were going to try out the water but we just finished our snacks and didn't want to loose them ;-)

                             When we got home we got to see those weird furry things called cats,.. only one wanted to hang around and the others took
                                off " what their problem? "

                                   I love to give kisses and don't even mind sitting on your lap if you don't.

                                        Mom is teaching me to walk on harness and slowly but surely I will end up being a pro.

                                        I am up to date on my vaccinations, spayed, on frontline + heartgaurd, and I'm also micro chipped.

All I need now is a forever home. Is your home going to be the one????

                                   If you have room in your heart and your home please go to the next step and fill out the online application
                         Hope to hear from you soon !!

Wwwwruf Rrrrrufffff

Well let me tell you,... my sister claims that she is the good looking one !

 Well two snaps in an N formation for NO.

As you can see,... I have all the looks of the litter.

 I look nothing like my sisters,..

guess when god made me he was just thinking


Well he did a good job because I am gorgeous!!

 By the way my name is NinA and you can simply call me,...


 I'm just way too good looking for having a nickname.

 I have all the beautiful qualities that anyone could want on a doggy.

Just take a look at my pictures "I've got the looks" I am as sweet as can be; I LOVE to give kisses and wiggle
my whole butt as a wiggle my tail.

I play well with others, I don't mind the kitties, I do just fine in the car especially knowing that we are probably going to the place
with the magical food window!! (Mickey D's ) though I am a little rusty on the harness walking which mom is teaching me.

She says that in no time I will be the perfect walker.

I love to cuddle and being pet is just Soooo good.

 I do enjoy playing with my sisters and having fun outside with our toys is just awesome!!

 did go in the kiddie pool and was a little nervous at first but in time I'll be doing flips in that pool :-)

I have been spayed, had all my vaccinations, I'm on Frontline and Heartgard, and I'm even chipped.

 All I need now is a forever home and I bet yours is going to be the one.

Update on Remy AKA Lena


I just had to write and let you know that when I took Remy to the vet today I ran into a couple who recently
adopted a little black lab/hound mix from you...

I think they said the name was Kenecki....they have changed it to Jessie.

Oh my goodness what a sweetheart of a dog....so calm!!

We chatted a bit....really nice people!
Remy (Lena) is doing well!

She has learned to sit on command and drop. We are working on walking on a training collar and she's doing so good!!

Such a quick learner.

We also introduced her to the dog park this week and oh my goodness its working wonders!

She is gaining so much confidence from going there!! Her progress is slow, but its progress none the less.

She still isn't comfortable with men....but getting better.

We love her so much...she is my baby and I hate going anywhere without her!!

She has made us so very happy!!

Couldn't send an email without some photos, so enjoy!!
Nicole Mantopoulos


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Lena has been adopted!!


Just because I'm the runt of the litter doesn't mean that I can't be the boss

 because I am the rule of the roost in this hen house :-)

 I was rescued with 2 of my sisters ( MenA + NinA )

don't tell my sisters but I am the cutest one of the bunch.

 I love to play with the toys that mom has given us and my favorite game is fetch the toy out of the kiddie pool.

 I am learning to walk on harness and its going a little slow but before you know it I will be the role model for harness walking.

I am only 6 months old and am up to date on all my vaccinations, spayed, on heartgard and frontline and I'm even micro chipped.

Mom here has taken us on many car rides and so far the coolest thing has been the magical window of treats.

You really need to visit that window its soooo much fun all you have to do is follow the golden arches and ask the big guy wearing the yellow jumpsuit that
has the red hair + smile,... he gave me a bag with a cheeseburger !!!

 Mom likes to take me out to meet people and other doggies and so far we went to a bike path and a walking trail and I was the hit of the town,....
well they liked my sisters too but remember,.. I'm the cutest one :-)

 I met kids, people and about 8 dogs and did fine with all of them !!

Back at home I get to hang around with the weird furry things called cats,..

only one of them hangs around and the others take off ??

 I do like to give kisses and I especially like to play with my babies ( stuffed animals ) I carry them all over the place.

I have to tell you that playing tug of war with my sisters has become a favorite past time here,.

I usually win.


Update on Shiloh AkA Angel

Camelia and I hope that all is well with you.

Every chance we get, we tell people about you and the dogs you have available.

Just yesterday I was talking to someone about Hank.

I gave them your website and hopefully they contact you.

Shiloh is doing very well and enjoying life.

She has settled in and made herself very at home, this would include the vegtable garden.

I never saw a dog that likes cucumbers and cantalope the way she does.

Camelia is not so happy about that her cantalopes have all been made into toys (one out of five remains).

We have shiloh enrolled in school and is top of her class.

Lynn Dunn (instructor) thought that Shiloh would make a good therapy dog and we are considering this.

We will keep you posted.

I've attached a couple of pictures for you to enjoy.

All our best,


Camelia and Lee

I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Angel has been adopted!!
All I can say is,... the name says it all. 
 I am a Complete LOVE BUG ! :-)  I am the best thing since sliced cheese " and I do love sliced cheese "
I am an all around great doggy.  I get along with ALL dogs, cats, kids , people,.... 
I have gone on a few car rides and do just fine.  Walking on harness is fun and if your up  for a walk,.. well so am I !!
By the way I just have to mention how extremely gorgeous I am and all the complements
that I get when I'm out and about is just great. 
 I am just about 1 year old, already spayed and up to date on my vaccinations
which means we only visit the vet next year. 
My favorite past time is rolling over and showing my belly for a belly rub. 
I do enjoy lounging on the couch while you watch the tube,
and if you have a doggy bed at home you will probably find me curled up in it. 
Now all you Cape Codders,.. take a look,... I'm a black dog, and you live in a black dog community so what in the world are you waiting for??
Now lets get something straight , I don't have to go to the Cape but thought that I would throw that in there :-)
Hope to hear from you soon


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 MaDea has been adopted!!




I will bet that as soon as we meet,... we are going to fall in love !!  
 My name is
I'm such a good girl.  I am 3 years young and a complete love. 
I have met a number of doggies here and do just fine with them. 
I have also been nose to nose with cats and I just give a sniff and I walk right on by. 
Car rides are one of my favorite things to do after 1st place walks. 
Taking walks on harness is sooo much fun.  I get to see the neighborhood and I walk proudly right by your side. 
 Many people see me walking and ask mom  what kind of dog I am . 
Mom tells them that she is not positive
but she thinks that there is yellow lab for sure and possibly shepherd due to my ears not flopping down and of my stance.
 I met a few human friends here and just love getting pet. They all though that I was beautiful.  
I got a great bath today and was such a good girl for mom. I even gave her kisses during the bath. 
I am current on my vaccinations, spayed, and micro chipped. 
 Now all I need is a forever loving home.  Is your home going to be the one??
 Hope to hear from you soon
Wwwruf RRruFF



I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Popcorn has been adopted!!


Hi everyone !!
You can call me PoPCorN
I'm the cutest lillte girl EVER !!  I'm about 6months old, spayed, up to date and ready for a new forever loving home. 
I play well with all the doggies that I have met.  Even the kitties I don't mind. 
I 've gone on a few car rides and they are just SOoooo exciting !! 
One time on the car ride, mom pulled to the drive through of a place she called Mickey D's and you know what,... all she did was open her window and this fairy
burger princess gave her a bag full of cheese burgers !!  Now that's what you call GREAT !!
I loved my cheeseburger while mom drove us doggies down to the lake. 
 Once we got there she put me on a harness and had me walk with the other doggies and we got to get our feet wet in the water. 
I mean this just gets better and better.  After this feet wetting we got back in the car and headed home where I got to play and play with the other dogs.  I play extra well
with JeLLyBeaN, another doggie here and we run around and play with the toys that we find in the yard.  After a long day of playing we get to go in and relax on the couch under the
ceiling fan and that just gets me sooo comfortable.  At night mom teaches us that crate training is a way for us to get use to our new environment and to be safe. 
So every night I go in my crate and sleep till the morning and start my day off all over again. 
 Now what I'm really looking for is a forever home to call my own.  I was hoping that your home would be the one.   
So ,,,...... what are you waiting for???   make your move !!


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 JellyBean has been adopted!!


Well I heard that you are looking for a complete LOVE BUCKET !!  Don't look any further,.. I am YOUR  pup. 
My name is
and the reason for that is because I am as sweet as a handfull of them in you mouth :-) 
Let me tell you Perfect, PERFect, PERFECT !!! is exactly what I am. 
I never met dad so your guess is as good as mine to who or what I really am but what i can tell you is that mom was a beautiful lab. 
 I take after mom in the looks department, and dad must have been a looker too. 
Well I am a happy go lucky pup who is up to date on my vaccinations, spayed, and ready for a forever home. 
I have met a number of people, children, doggies, even kitties and I do fine with them all. 
I am learning the harness and mom says that before you know it I will be a role model for all who do not know how to walk on one. 
I usually play with my friend popcorn and boy are we a good match for playing. Hey , maybe your looking for a pair of pups ??
Well either way I am such a good girl and would make any family extremely happy. 
 Is yours the one??  What are you waiting for??  Fill out the application so that we can be together FOREVER !!

Update on Martini & Rossi


We've got a new home, We've got a new home!!! We've Been Adopted - together !!
 MaRley and MArTiNi have been adopted!!


Hey,... the names MaRLeY.
If you can imagine Jimmy Buffet as a dog,.... that's me. Soooo laid back. Don't get me wrong I like walks , hikes and even car rides but,..
If you feel like just hanging at home for a couple of cocktails that's just fine with me I'll take an O'douls " cutting back :-) "
Well Let me tell you more about myself,.... I'll make it straight and simple. Neutered, up to date, housetrained, like car rides, like to be held,
sleep anywhere soft, and I come equipped with 4.5 lbs of MaRTini...... No Not the bottle but my best friend MaRTini. We were together since the
beginning and are looking to keep it that way. So,... If you've got the room and the love,... open up your heart and home to the 2 best buds around.
We will keep you fully entertained and we'll even keep an eye on the house. 
 Cheers !!!


If your looking for the spunkiest, most outgoing toy, smooth , fox terrier look no further than the 4.5 lbs of muscle on your screen,......
MArTiNi !!
yeahhhh that's right I'm smooth like the drink :-) Let me tell you a little about myself,...
I'm white in color with 3 black dots on my side,.. kindA look like a DoMiNo.
I'm 4 years young and current on my vaccinations.
I have an appointment already set up to get rid of all this testosterone :( not sure if that's much fun but I'm the type of guy who's gotta try everything once !
I love going for walks and the beach is a nice place. I am housebroken and have lived in a home with an infant and did perfectly fine.
I do get a little jittery on car rides "at least when I'm not driving" but once I get to point B I'm good,..... getting back to point A is another story.
If you let me get my nose out the window then I feel much better. Well I grew up with my best pal named MaRLeY, he's also 4 and up to date,... he's already met the doc who took his manhood away so he's all good. He's the one who keeps me out of trouble with the ladies........
We are both looking for a good home where we can stay together FOREVER !!! Will your home be the one ?? Please give us a chance and you'll see that you will get the FULL package with us.
 Make your move and hurry up so you don't miss out on this dynamic duo
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