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Update on Bruin
I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Bruin has been adopted!!


Hi everyone, my name is Bruin.
 I just turned a year old and I am neutered, up to date and housebroken.
I am a very good boy and have lived in a home with children and 2 other dogs,. one being my brother and another German shepherd.
I am use to a fenced in yard and handle my business outside. I'm not leash trained YET but am working on that.
I have gone on a few car rides and do well.
I was adopted out as a puppy with my brother to a family that is going to be moving and because of certain circumstances I and my brother can not go.
 I would like to be the only dog so I can get all the attention and would benefit from a fenced yard since I am use to one already.
Please open up your heart and your home to nice doggy that needs some good old fashioned LOVE :-)
Can't wait to hear from you
x. BruiN


Update on Stanley aka Bobby
 I just wanted to Thank you again for such a great pup! He is doing so unbelievably well.
His house training has come along so quickly.  He runs right to the back door when he has to go.
Has had no accidents in about 4 days. Sleeps quietly in his crate at night, whines once during the night to go out, and then right back to sleep he goes.
 I have brought him all over to expose him to everything I can. His favorite I think was going to the farm for an ice cream and visit with the cows.
He likes to sit and watch the horses next door. He loves his pool. I could go on forever... he is just a sweet, very smart little (big ) guy.
I think he has grown quite a bit taller and longer in just a week. He knows his "sit, wait, down, he's learning fetch right now.
 It takes him very little training to get it. So so smart. He loves everybody and everything. I have attached a few pictures of him.
The ones of him and my daughters puppy playing look like their vicious, but not at all, they love playing together.
They are the same age. Then there are a few with him playing on the deck  and in his pool.
I will keep you updated on his progress.


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Bobby has been adopted!!


Move aside and let the pup get through,.. Let the pup get through !! 
....... AHhhemmm ..........
Ladies and Gentlemen the one,.. The only,...
(applause) ....
Hey I'm bObbY and let me tell you about me. 
First of all I'm only 3.5 months old weighing in at 22lbs. ( I never miss breakfast ) 
I'm up to date on my proper vaccinations, micro chipped, and I am already neutered. 
I LOVE to play and when its time to cuddle,....
My soft fur getting rubbed by you is like a dream come true !
I love chewing on my bones and toys and I always play good with my sister bOOtsiE. 
I have made a few new friend over here at mom's house and I have even met those freaky looking
creatures that I heard were called cats,... There all right and I get along. 
I am being taught to walk on harness and so far so good. 
 I am being crate trained and enjoy my crate,... That's where I get to hide all my stuff !!
Mom here thinks that I'm going to be one big boy,... Maybe 70lbs?? 
 If your looking for a great , beautiful, large pup,....I'm YOUR pup !! 
Think about all the cool places you can take me to and all the cool things that you can teach me. 
The possibilities are ENDLESS,... Just like the unconditional love that
I will provide for you till the day we must part to go to rainbow bridge !!
I will be loving, loyal, and YOUR BEST friend till the end!
Now don't you want to come on down and meet me???  All you have to do is fill out the online application
on mom's web site in its entirety and she will give you a call ASAP.  
Hope to hear from you soon


Millie AkA bOOtise




I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 bOOtise has been adopted!!



Yes,....  You are right !  I am the most beautiful puppy that you have ever seen !!  
If I only got a nickel for every ohhhh and awwwww   I would be filthy rich :-) 
Let me introduce myself,... My name is
And I'm only 3.5 months old, and already spayed. 
 I am current on all the proper vaccinations and mom has gotten me micro chipped a
  I am a happy go lucky puppy who can brighten ANYONES life. 
I love to play and I love to snuggle and give kisses. 
Mom says that I might be about 60 lbs when I grow up so that might give you an idea to what I will turn out to be. 
I play well with all the doggies here and have met kitties and are fine with them too. 
 My brother bObby is also available for adoption but he is a lot bigger then me. 
We are both learning to do our duties outside and have been doing pretty good considering our age. 
Mom takes us out for walks on harness and we LOVE it !! 
I like running around the yard and playing with toys, 
And I am very social !!  I met a new friend here named Faith and we hang out,.... She's like my new big sister and she is teaching me the do's and don't's. 
Well I hope to see you soon and All you have to do to meet me is to fill out the online application in its entirety and send it back to mom
I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Ashley has been adopted!!


the name and being SUPER CUTE is my game !!
Hi everyone I want to tell the world all about ME.  
 I'm 5 months old, up to date on all my vaccinations, & micro chipped. 
My mom is teaching me to walk on harness and I'm not too Shabby. 
I did well on a car ride and I can't wait to hit the beach, pond, or lake. 
I play with all the doggies over here and even the kitties like me !! 
My brother AaroN and I are looking for a Forever home,....
Is your home going to be the one?? 
Make the move and fill out mom's online application
Update on Charlie
                                                                               Here is good ol' Charlie before his haircut...                 and Charlie after his haircut!!                                                              
I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Charlie has been adopted!!



Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce myself " insert drum roll " ,.................
is my name and wagging my nub is my game !!
I am a pure breed, Blue Roan/white  Cocker Spaniel. I was born 9 / 25 / 10 so I'm roughly 6.5months old.
I'm fully vetted and will be neutered before adoption. Mom here is teaching me the ropes and I'm LoVinG it !!
I just LOVE playing fetch and mom is teaching me to walk on harness & I'm not doing that shabby.
I've got a great appetite and am eating holistic dog food.
I have just been groomed and look lovely. I have met a few doggies here and have made a new friend named faith.
We love playing chase and tug of war with the rope. I do love to be pet and stay by your side when I'm in the house.
I am known to get excited and sometimes I piddle and we are working on that too. mom says before you know it I will stop the piddling.
When I first meet you a may act reserved,.... don't let that fool you as my true colors shine through.
I would love a family to love me and give me a FOREVER home,...... will it be yours???
I bet when you meet me you will just fall head over heals for me. so ,...
I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 LiL GirL has been adopted!!

LiL  GirL


LiL GirL
So the name I was given wasn't that creative,... well there is a reason for that.  I am trying to stay low key because in real life I'm,......
**A SUPER DOG HERO**  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(well atleast I think I am)
While you are having your everyday basic life I'm out catching the villains who are stealing the world's bologna + cheese factory's surplus !!!  Well maybe not but I do watch the fridge here pretty good !!,.. matter of fact not a single crumb can escape my keen hearing and sniffing senses.  anyways,......   
I guess I should tell you a bit more about my "real" self. 
I am a 5.5 month old lab / ? ,...
Never met dad but overheard mom telling aunty fluffy & cousin Fido that he sure was a good looking pooch !! 
I have a feeling that I'm a lot like him in the looks department but when it comes to the smarts,.... I'm all mama lab. 
 Here at my foster mom's house I was told that I may be part border collie though they are not sure so
either way I do know one thing for sure,.... I'm simply gorgeous ! 
I have been to the vet and have had all my appropriate vaccinations and I have also been spayed. 
 I will need my last distemper which is due in a few weeks. 
I am completely healthy and my new mom here has been crate training me and I don't mind it one bit. 
I also have learned to do my duties outside and to let mom know when I have to go just by walking over to the door and pace back and forth a couple times.  Now she knows to let me out "fenced yard " and I will go and due my duties. 
Mom also put this thing on me called a harness,...
at first I thought that we were going to jump out of a plane or something
but then realized that it is just used to teach me to walk on leash. 
Before you know it I will be so good that I'll have mommy wearing the harness 8-) 
 I've had a few car rides and did pretty good.  You know, mom has a bunch of doggies over here and I have played with all of them,.... I even met those weird looking things called cats and I do just fine with them too. 
 Mom calls me a social bug whatever that's supposed to mean but I guess that it is a good thing.  So,.... what are you waiting for? 
Woof wrrrooof


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 L.B. has been adopted!!



YOu know,... every time I step out side I can hear in the background that song that goes,....
Who let the dogs out?.... Who,... wHo whO who WHO let the dOgs OUt !!! 
Oh yeah ,... I love that song makes me think that it was written just for me ! 
If you have ever watched the movie Marley and Me,..... ohhhh yeah,... I could definitely be the stunt double of that movie. 
Does that give you and Idea of what I'm all about?!?!   don't get me wrong,.. even though I could get into some trouble here and there doesn't mean that it wouldn't be worth going through it to be able to have such a happy go lucky boy like myself !!  
 I play soo good with all the doggies over here and even met a couple of kitties and they don't really bother me untill they let me know that its time to play "chase the kitty "  Boy OHH boY I love that game and it seems they like it as much as I do. 
They always seem to win .. hmm ??? 
Well mom here has gotten me up to date on my vaccinations and also neutered. 
 She is also crate training me which has been going rather well may I add. 
Today she put the harness on me and I had no clue what she wanted me to do with it strapped to me so after a few minutes of thinking "gee why is there an empty back pack on my back" I decided to walk around with it in the yard and it wasn't that bad at all.  Actually mom said that I did really good considering it was my first time using it. 
She claims that before the end of this week that I will be walking on harness no problem !!! 
 I took a car ride to the lake and just loved looking out the window,.. I was getting that full breeze from the half opened window just smacking my face and blowing my ears back,... soooo much fun !!! 
Now what I am really looking for is a forever family to adopt me and give me this kind of life,... a life full of love, car rides, walks, hikes, trips, etc...  I bet your family could provide me with this.  so,... what are you waiting for?? 
P.S. Hurry uppppppppp I'm WaiTinG !!!!

I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 CaLLiE has been adopted!!




You know,... its illegal in some states to be this pretty,... If I every got caught it will be LIFE for me.
Since you all now see my pictures and agree with me, who's going to be the one who fills out mom's adoption application and gets to come and meet me and possibly adopt???  
Well to get the process rolling I will tell you about myself:
First of all the name behind all this beauty is
I'm 6 months old and up to date on my appropriate vaccinations, spayed, and micro chipped. 
Never met dad so I really do not know exactly what breed I really am though I heard that I may be Australian shep,
or by my markings even plot hound? 
I believe that I am a rare breed called pretty dog :-),............
I am being crate trained and doing very well.  I keep my crate tidy and do my duties outside. 
I can be such a love bug,.. I will wag my tail and body for that matter and just wagg all about. 
 When I first meet someone I do get a little nervous but within minutes I wag my self right into your lap or by your side. 
 I have met a number of doggies and kitties here and get along with all. 
 I am on the submissive side though I am not a little scaredy cat. 
Mom here has been teaching me to walk on harness and in no time I will be a pro.
I enjoy chewing raw hides and playing with my babies" unstuffed animals"  I would really love to have my own home with my own family who will love me as I will love them.  Will your home be the one? 
Hope to hear from you soon 
RRrrruf Ruuufffffff


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 LiLLy has been adopted!!



LiLLy Girl

LiLLy GirL's
 my name 
 being the sweetest Lab Pup is my game !! 
Just look at my pictures,...The saying is that a picture says a thousand words.  mine say 2 thousand ; )
I just LOVE to snuggle and being pet is my complete favorite.  If you have the time for the petting,... I have the time to be pet !! 
 I enjoy playing with all the doggies over here, even the kitties are pretty cool,..
they like to walk over to me and rub all over me I don't mind at all. 
Well I have seen the vet and I am all up to date even spayed ! 
I have been on a few car rides and just love watching the view as we drive around town. 
Mom is teaching me crate training and I am doing just swell. 
 My duties are done outdoors and I really do like being outside playing with all my friends.
I'm just a lil girl looking for alot of love. Are you going to give me the love that I deserve? 
Can't wait to hear from you !!
Wwwwrrruf Rrruuuf


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 ChaNTeL has been adopted!!



That's what I hear on a daily basis !! 
And you know what ?,.... They're right,......
I am the cutest ShitzuPoo that you have ever seen !!   
My name is
I am a 1 year old puppy like pooch. 
 I get along with all the doggies over here and even the kitties have become friends with me. 
 I am completely up to date on my vaccinations and mom is getting me spayed ASAP !!
I am housebroken and do enjoy following you around the house for company
and I just LOVE playing with my stuffed babies and a ball is much fun too. 
 I have met a number of children and get real happy when I see them because I really want to play !! 
 If you already have a doggie,... I would love to play with him/her since I get along with everybody !! 
I have gone on a few car rides and enjoy them looking out the window while I wear my harness/saftey belt. 
I am crate trained but prefer to have free run of the house. 
I am on a pretty good schedule and have never had a mistake yet !! 
All my duties are done out doors and I am pretty good about that,...
if you are going to be gone for a while I am trained to the wee wee pads as well. 
 I am looking for a forever family that will love me and play with me. 
 If you have a current pet already I would benefit from that because I really love the company of other dogs. 
 If you would open up your home and heart and let me in I promise not to disappoint you. 


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Aaron has been adopted!!



The names
And I was built like a tank !!  I'm low, long, & strong. 
I'm 5months old and weigh 25lbs,... Solid as a rock,... All the chicks dig me. 
I'm kinda like a 21st century Fonzie "HeY"
I've been to the vet and have had all my appropriate vaccinations, neutered, and I'm even micro chipped.  
I get along fine with all the doggies over here and
I play all the time with my sister Ashley. 
I  LOVE to play ball and especially like it when you find the sweet spot when you rub me,....ohhh that's good :-) 
I met some cats,.... WEIRD !! But they're cool. 
I'm doing pretty good on harness and before you know it I'll be a pro. 
 I've been doing my business outside and mom is sooo happy about that so
I got an A on my report card.  If your looking for a good boy to be around for a long time,...
Then I'm definitely the pup for you (snap the fingers) "HeY" ,....
Chicks dig me,... Here that fellas I'm the man :-)  So,.... Instead of searching elsewhere,...
Fill out mom's adoption application 
 Hope to here from you soon  



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