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Ollie AkA Yogi



I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Yogi has been adopted!!


HeLLLOOOO Everybody,.....  I'm just Wayyy to SeXy for the web,... Don't you agree?? LOL !
Let me introduce myself,.. My name is Yogi
"no relation to the bear " 
 I'm a 7 month old YorkiPoo (well at least that's what mom over here thinks I am) . My birth mother was a
Yorki and my dad,...... well he was a an Over the road truck driver,.. heard he delivers salsa in Tulsa ?!?anyways,..... doesn't matter he's a deadbeat . Well my new mom over hear took me in and has vetted me. She takes me out in the car and boy do people get some good laughs as they drive by and see an suv driving down the road with me at the wheel. 
I LOVE car rides you know,..... its just so much fun looking at everyone looking at me,.... and the SMILES I get ,..Ohhhh  I'll even smile back.  Mom has been teaching me to go out to do my duties and she says that I'm getting there and before you know it I'll have it in the bag,... for now I'll do it on the lawn :-)  I love taking walks and sight seeing in the neighborhood, unfortunately with this GrEAt  weather we've been having I didn't pack the snow Snowflake DJ:11223shoes,..  so I've only been on about 2 long walks, and a few short ones too. Since I never had ever met a cat before it really was fun to meet a bunch here and hang out with them. 
I made friends with one and get to lounge on the couch with her,.. every once in a while I feel a pat on my head " I think that cats lost it,.. she's old,... you know how that goes :-) Well to make a long story short
 I'm up to date, neutered, crate trained, and getting there on house training. great with dogs, cats, kids, love car rides and walks are great (when its "warm-er" out).I'm looking for a home and figured you might be interested in a 6.5 lbs rock solid sexy boy like myself??  Now if your not hooked,.... I don't know what else to say other than,..............................
Please PLease PLEase PLEAse PLEASe PLEASE please Love me for the rest of our lives !!

Click on Adoption Application
Follow the instructions "sometimes its tricky (copy+paste)"
Fill out the application in its entirety and send back ASAP.
As soon as mom has a chance she will let you know that she got the application.
Lets say that you have questions,... well all you have to do is give her a call or simply email her.
Her number is (508) 923-1115 email is
Now make the move and before you know it we will be together forever !!!

Update on ScOObie


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 ScOObiE has been adopted!!



Yes,... I am the best little Chorkie you have ever seen. 
Not to mention the cutest one ! 
Well my name is ScOObiE
I'm a whole 4 lbs and just darling. 
 I'm about 4 months old and mom here is going to get me spayed
and up to date on my vaccinations ASAP ! 
 I am such a good girl
and just love to play with all my doggie and kitty friends here. 
I took a few car rides and loved to be in moms arms
and watch all the traffic driving around. 
If your looking for a cuddle bug,.,.. well you've got your girl. 
Don't get me wrong,... if you have a stuffed animal I will shake it around
and run around with it in my mouth like a big dog. 
I too am looking for a forever home.  Is your home the one for me??
Well, if you are interested go to moms website
and fill out the online application    
 Hope to hear from you soon !!
Update Elbie AKA ShaggY
I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 ShaggY has been adopted!!


My name is ShaggY,
 "for obvious reasons"  
I am about 4 months old and such a little sweetheart. 
I love to Play, pLay, plAy, plaY, PLAY !! 
and I do not discriminate
 dogs,cats,pups,kittens,men,women,children,....everyone is fair game to play with !
I am learning to do my duties outside and I'm doing sooo good. 
I have gone on some car rides and had pretty good time,...
I just don't know which window to run to, to look out of ? 
I am going to be spayed real soon be and up to date on my shots as well.
I really don't know what breed I am so your guess is as good as mine. 
Some say Scottish Terrier, Cairn terrier, even Yorkshire mix ???
Whatever,.. I know one thing for sure,... I'm SUPER CUTE !! 
either way I'm looking for a forever home,.... Is your home the one???
Well, if you would like to add a great addition to your family then
 and fill out the online application 
Update on Cody AkA Cash
We are sorry we haven't sent you a message sooner, we have had a very busy week and both my daddy and mommy got sick.First they had the stomach bug and then they came down with horrible colds. But I have done all I can to make them feel better. I walk over to them while they are on the couch look at them with my big brown eyes and wag my tail. Then they pat me and they feel better.
I would love to tell you about my new house..........
The day mommy and daddy brought me home I wasn't quite sure what was going on but the yard looked pretty cool.
There are a lot of squirrels and birds to chase. But I am not allowed to chase them yet.(Can't wait until I can).
They brought me in the house and showed me around. We went upstairs to see my room, can you believe it I have my  very own bedroom.
I only have to stay in there while they are at work. The bed is so comfy I almost don't want to get off of it some days.
Then I saw "our" bedroom, I made myself very comfy right in the middle of the bed.
I looked up at mommy & daddy with my big brown eyes and said thank you.
Each day is a new adventure, my mom and dad are so happy with me because I am such a good boy.
I now have my own toy box, and bed in the living room for when we are chilling out.
 I am still a little hesitant about playing around too much.
I already have a routine for eating and going for walks up in the wood to do my business.
 I love when they take me for rides to do errands.
Today I went to the groomers where my cousin Nancy works. I was so happy to see her. I was a very good boy (everyone loved me).
When mommy picked me up I was so happy. I look incredibly handsome all bathed and brushed. I have an awesome blue bandanna.
I think I look pretty cool.
Mommy is attaching some pictures for you guys to see how happy and loved I am.
We will keep in touch and let you know my progress.
I really like this house. They give me all kinds of belly rubs and attention.
Thank you for picking my new parents.
Oh yea, we decided to change my name to Cody, I think I  like it just fine.

Cody  Fink


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 CasH has been adopted!!


Ladies and Gentlemen,... Let me introduce myself.  I'm the best thing since sliced bread.
I'm sure you'll agree,...... Nothing better than
 I am a 2.5 year young Spaniel mix. 
 Mom I think was a cocker and dad took off after mom told him the news...... Well let me tell you about myself, I'm what they call a cream puff,.. perFECT, PERFect,PERFECT !!
I am completely house trained, just love car rides, do well with other dogs, cats,... Well I get a little weirded out because
 "they are strange looking"
I believe in time I will give up on running up on them and freaking them out.  I did meet 5 of them and day by day I 'm starting to adjust to those freaky looking creatures :-) 
I do my business outside off leash in a fenced area and I am capable of doing it on leash when out for a stroll.  I am super in the house and am also crate trained, so whatever route you do,....... I'm good with it ! 
I'm eating holistic dog food portioned twice a day. And I have a routine already in affect, though I am able to adjust to yours if it happens to be different. 
I am neutered and up to date on all my vaccinations. 
I walk on leash fairly well and love to go for on leash exploring walks.
I am such  a happy boy who will give you loads of happiness for years to come,..... So why not open up your heart and homes to a SUPER GOOD boy !!
 MoM here has a website for you to visit to fill out the online application and she even leaves a phone number if you have any questions.  I'm telling you,..... Fill it out and come and meet me and I will guarantee that you will be completely satisfied that you did. After you meet me you will just fall in love,.....  So go ahead and make the next step,.... Fill out the application,.... 
 For any questions give MoM a call and she can answer them for you at  (508) 923-1115
Hope to hear from you soon !!!


Update on Shadow

Its me Shadow, 
 I just wanted to drop a note to tell everyone that I said HELLO.
I am very happy with my new family. 
 I have a friend named Mora (another cat) and another named Onyx (dog)
 This is a picture of me on my Scratch Bed.  I like to curl up in boxes and small areas where I can hardly fit. 
 I am a very good kitty and I love to cuddle with my little girl, Kamryn.  She rubs my belly and its great ! 
 I sleep most of the day on anything that is soft.  I especially like pillows. 
My family feeds me well and even lets me drink out of the kitchen faucet. 
All I have to do is hop up on the counter and someone turns on the fresh cold water. 
Well got to go,..... There is a soft blanket calling my name !!
Purr Purr



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