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Update on Zac


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 ZaC has been adopted!!


Hi guys!
   After over a full month with Zac, I think it is safe to say that he is the most awesome dog on earth!  Justin and I can't thank you enough for everything you've done, and continue to do for us!  Your checking in on us, and even just knowing that you're there to call makes us feel so safe with him.  I get nervous being a first time mom.  I have been recommending you to EVERYONE I know.
   Let me tell you a little bit about Zac's new life.  First of all, we decided to keep his name.  We couldn't come up with anything real clever, and he just looks like a Zac.  We often refer to him as "Zac Morris" (aka the handsome, cool, main character of Saved by the Bell).  It's funny because (if you remember the show) Zac has a girlfriend named Kelly.  So it fits that we're Zac and Kelly!  He spends his days having pretty much free reign of my apartment (Guapo and Suz moved out, so he's an only child).  On days that his daddy's not home, he usually just snuggles up on the couch, lays in the patch of sun that shines through our door all day, or plays with one his BILLION toys.  Justin's mom came to visit us from Ohio and spoiled him ROTTEN!  I'm talking like a good 90$ bill at PetSmart. haha.  His favorite are squeak toys.  For some reason, he gets a kick out of making noise with them.  He's also recently just learned how to play fetch and we have little "Zac-sized" squeaky tennis balls.  He loves it.  Our yard is fenced in, so he spends a LOT of time out there running around.  He runs VERY fast and in large circles... We call it the "Chihuahua 5000".  He spends A TON of time with his cousins, Brady and Ferguson (my sister's dogs she adopted..both 2 years old.  She works in the store under us a lot, so they come over and visit quite often.  They're both either half shephard half rottie, or black lab... We can't really tell).  You would NEVER know he's the smallest out of all of them, because he basically OWNS them! hahaha.  I'm including some pictures of the 3 of them.  The way you can tell between Brady and Fergie is that Ferg has some white on his chest...Only difference.  You'll see in the pictures Zac and Brady wrestling.  Zac gets RIGHT UP in his face and jumps all over him.  Zac plays around more with Brady (Fergie is still kind of skiddish...He was SERIOUSLY abused.  She got him about 2 weeks after we got Zac... He'll play, but he doesn't wrestle as much as the others do).  Usually I get Zac back and wonder why he's soaking wet....And then I remember that he spends about 80% of the time in Brady's mouth. hahaha.  Brady never bites or anything, but the two have a ball together.  It helps me out, because in the time it takes Brady to do one circle around Zac, Zac's done at least 8... By the end of the day, Zac is pooped!  They love it though.  I just leave my front door open and they get to run in and out of the house and into the fenced in yard... They're all on the same food too, so it helps us out!
    Zac loves to snuggle.  His newest sleeping arrangement (made by no one else but himself) is right in between me and Justin's pillows... And he's always the last one up too.  That dog can sleep.  I think it's still the puppy in him.  He gets really tired by the end of the day.  He sleeps on his back a lot too, haha.  He sleeps with his legs up and everything.  He also loves to lick.  He doesn't bite or bark, but he'll certainly try to lick you to death.  He has no mercy!... He'll climb right up into your face and lick you directly in the mouth.  He's able to jump REALLY high now.  We have an over-sized pillow top bed, and he can literally jump right on it... as well as over Brady and Ferguson, onto our coffee table, and onto ANYONE'S lap! 
    Everyone LOVES Zac.  I mean EVERYONE.  Sometimes I bring him to work, and he has to do his little lap of going to say hi to everyone, get his little treat, his snuggles, and then he lays down under my desk (unless my coworker kidnaps him... haha.  He sits on her lap a lot because he's her favorite).  Everyone he meets is SO impressed with his good behavior, and obviously his adorable face!  He listens SO well and comes when we whistle.  I've literally had people pull into the ice cream store (while I'm out walking him, or sometimes he just stands on the counter to say hi to my sister, Jackie, or my little cousins who work inside... He usually gets a tiny cup of vanilla soft serve HIS FAVORITE) just to see Zac.  They don't even get ice cream.  They pull in off of Rt 28 just to pet him and ask the famous question of "What kind of dog is THAT?!".  My new favorite answer is that he's my "apartment sized German Shephard".  hahaha.   
     We absolutely just love him.  He's such a good friend and brings such a light to our lives.  I always rush home just to see him.  He's SO CUTE when you first get home.  He's so excited to see you, that his whole body wiggles... To the point where he doesn't even really walk, he kind of slithers across the floor.  I always lay down and he automatically comes over, licks my face, and then goes right on his back so you can rub his tummy. hahaha.  It's what I look forward to everyday.
     We can't thank you guys enough.  He makes us really happy... and we hope it makes YOU happy knowing how much he is loved.  Now that he's here, I can't picture my life without him.  He's my best little friend <3

     I hope you all take care, and we'll definitely be seeing you again whether it's just when we're in the area to visit, or whether it's to finish our family and get Zac a sibling!

Thanks again,
Kelly (and Justin and Zacky, too)



 How you doin' ? 
My name is
yellow letter Z in palm:8878aC 
 I am the cute little furry critter on your screen. 
 I'm still a pup at 5 months old and I'm weighing in at 8.1 lbs 
 I don't think that I'm getting much bigger maybe 2 lbs or so? 
Anyways,........ I  do spectacular on leash, crate trained, up to date on vaccinations , and I'm neutered. 
What I am is ready for a forever family ! 
I bet I would fit right into yours.
 Fill out the online application 
Hope to hear from you soon !!


Casey AkA Eva
 has made our lives so much fun in the past year. It'll be one year on the 9th that we have had her.
She is my shadow. She follows me everywhere. She sleeps with me, we take walks every day and she has her own booster seat and seatbelt in the jeep!
She is just the love of my life! She "talks" to me when she wants my attention. She has the cutest personality.
I like to say we got her for the kids, but she is like my little baby!!!
Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of rescuing dogs the way you do.
And when I can convince my husband that Casey and I need another friend, we will be back! :)
Thank you again, Cheryl Cronin Messier
(And Kallie, Joey & Steve too!)



I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Eva has been adopted!!

******The one and only,.....******
 Tracking E:8987VA !!
Boy oh Boy I am a happy girl let me tell you,... full of love to give ! 
I am doing pretty good on leash and doing fine with other dogs I just love to play!! 
 I met a few cats and did fine with them. 
I am a 5 month old shep / mix
 I am spayed , up to date and ready for a forever home. 
I am sooo beautiful and just love attention.  I was wondering if your home will be the own ?!?!
Fill out the online application 
  Can't wait to meet you !!



I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 SmOOches has been adopted!!



HeLLo Everyone !! 
SmOOcheS is my name and SmOOchinG is my game Sweet Kiss:10147
I am such a love bug !!!  Are you looking for someone to cuddle with?!?!  Look no further!! I'm the gal that you have been looking for.
I am 3 yrs young and full of spunk and I'm weighing in at a whopping 12 lbs.
I do just dandy on leash and car rides are fun.  Come and see me and I'll roll right over for a good old belly rub. 
 You just have to meet me and see my personality there isn't anything not to like.
I'm up to date on ALL vaccines and already spayed. All I need is a home and a loving family,... I bet yours is the one for me.
Contact my mom at
Hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115



Update on Jane AkA BlinX



Jane and her new friend!


I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 BlinX has been adopted!!



Look into my eyes,... you are getting sleepy ,...sleeeepy... 
anyways,.. My name is
 BlinXBig Blink:11753
you know why??  I'll tell you why  I have 2 different colored eyes that makes you blink not once but twice that's why my name is BlinX !!
I am soo cute and I can keep a whole family entertained.  I am here with my brother Bandit and we play all day long "in between naps" 
I just love playing and I just learned harness walking and I'm doing pretty good. 
Mom here thinks we are husky / labs due to our eyes and our tails "they curl up our backs"  She thinks we are going to be in the 75 lb- 85 lbs range full grown. 
 But, that is just her guess.  I never met my dad and don't know how big he was so your guess is as good as mom and mine :-) 
 I am 9weeks old up to date on my vaccines, and looking for a forever home.  Is your home going to be the one ??
Hope to hear from you soon !!

Update on Bella AkA BreezE

Bubba Banks



Big Sister Harley


Bella & Bubba Banks





I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 BreezE has been adopted!!



OHhh Boy !! Look at me I am adorable. 
My name is
Kite and B:11085reezE
 I am only 9weeks old and already sooo cute !! I am up to date on my shots and ready for a place to call home to give unconditional love to the family. 
 I am learning the harness and doing very well indeed. 
I have gone on a few car rides and was a good little girl.  I do have a sister and she looks like me, but with shorter fur.  Are you ready for the next step?? 
Fill out the online application    ,....
go ahead make the first move !!

Update on Bubba Banks AkA BankS



I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 BankS has been adopted!!


LAdies and Gentle PuPs  let me introduce myself as I bounce off all the bumpers,......
Its nobody other than " ta ta tahhh dahhhh " 
 yellow letter B in palm:8854ankS !!  
The cutest pup out of the 6 pup litter.  No I'm not the big macho one, nor am I the little twirppy one,... I'm the middle pup. 
You know at birth,.. did you think I was a dummy?  I let my big fat brother and sister out first to see if the coast was clear,
 when my mom pushed us out I knew not to be the last one so I shot out in the middle :-0  You see I'm the smart one out of the litter
I am also the only all tan with hazel eyes. I'm 8 weeks old , have my 1st set of shots, bordatela, and dewormed. 
All I need now is a place to be loved for the rest of my life. 
Is your place going to be the one ??!! 
 I hope so.
Update on Sasha AkA Asha
I hope all is well over at Skyllers Dog and Cat Rescue! 
We received your Christmas card and I have to tell you what a cool idea those stamps were.  I
 have showed it to all my family and friends and we are all amazed. 
Thank you! 
Sasha is doing very well.  She absolutely loves playing in the snow and digging through snowbanks. 
 It was funny watching her enjoy the snow for the first time. 
She has completed several classes at Silver City Canine in Taunton, including beginner agility and the Canine Good Citizen course. 
We are very proud of her! 
She is a great dog!
Attached are some pictures.  The first three are from her Canine Good Citizen test, then her Christmas
photo and then a photo of Sasha in her Christmas gift, a new coat.
Best wishes for 2011!
Fantasia, Russell & Sasha
Hope all is well over there at Skyllers Dog and Cat Rescue! 
Just wanted to share some pictures of Sasha with you.  We absolutely love her!  She is doing great. 
She is getting big, over 30 pounds at her last vet appointment two weeks ago.   
She is excelling with her obedience training and so far she knows how to sit, lay down, roll over and give us her
paw and sometimes stay and come but we are still working on that. 
 She is slowly learning how to walk on the leash, she does wonderful in our yard but not so much on the sidewalks so we are working up to that.  
We have been taking her out everywhere with us to meet people and other animals so she is getting a lot of socialization. 
She is loving our cats but the feeling still is not mutual so we are making sure to watch out for the cats and are trying to teach them to be nice to Sasha, they can now be in the same room together if they are supervised.  The crate training has been very easy as she really enjoys her crate and likes to hang out in there even when the door is open and she hoards all her toys in there. 
Her favorites have been the kong toys and the rope toys.  And outside she loves to play fetch with the kong balls. 
We are so happy we adopted our dog for Skyllers, thank you for everything. 
Sasha is the best dog ever and we could not have imagined a better fit for us! 
We'll be sure to keep you updated!
Russ and Fantasia Berry



I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 AshA has been adopted!!




Hey everyone, my name is
Burning A:9035shA
I am a 4.5 month old female Boxer / Shep ? 
I never met dad so I don't know exactly what I am other than adorable.  I am up to date on my shots and spayed. 
 I like walks and car rides are fun.  I love attention and meeting new friends.  Dogs + cats + kids,... its all good I love them all. 
I was hoping that you would like to add me to your family ?
I bet you won't regret it, I bring smiles to ALL faces
especially looking at a beautiful face like mine
  Hope to hear from you soon !!!!
Update on Sir Aspen AkA Aspen
Sir Aspen is enjoying all the wonders that life brings when you are loved!
He was very excited with all the new squeaky animals he received and stared in wonder as he couldn't' take his eyes off of Minnie Mouse! 
He also liked the new sweaters he received along with his new Blue Parka Jacket. 
Today he went to Long Beach in Plymouth.  This was his first time at the ocean as he walked along all the other dogs that were there. 
The beach (while destroyed by the storm last week) was loaded with people.  Sir was in 7th heaven as everybody loved him. 
He truly was "the Cat's Meow".
He never wanted to leave. his loving caretakers Judi and Nikki promised him we would be back. 
 Please see pictures. Find the one called "The Kiss". 
He is the joy of our life. 
Judi and Nicole Caron

Hi There, This is me "Sir Aspen"
with my Nana Judi and Aunt Nikki. 
We wanted to let you know how happy we are with each other! 
Thank you for bringing all this "LOVE" into our home. 
How did you know this was such a good fit! 
 We will now share our summer  pictures with you. 
I loved being 'Sir Aspen-the Captain of the ship. It was my first time on the water. 
 Man, the waves got a bit rough-but I could handle it!  Look at me-am I not SO COOL.
Next-my  nana is doing her PH.D and i get jealous and keep interrupting her at her desk. 
I want her attention too.
  I will tell all my friends.
Nikki always walks me-I love my home in Plymouth.   
Judi, The Captain "Sir Aspen", and Nikki
Hi There, it's me Sir Aspen...remember me?
I am so happy with my humans-they took me to a yard sale and i adopted "Bo". Nikki paid  $1.00 and I got "Bo".
 I play with him all the time. I like all my toys..but I love "Bo" best!!! 
look at my pictures of me and Bo. he's got a leash just like me! 
When we go to the ocean I am taking him with me. So cool! 
I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 Aspen has been adopted!!


Hello ,  My name is
 Colorful A:10979spen
 I'm a Westie.  I am all White except the tips of my ears have a tan color. 
 I am a super cutie and a very good leash walker.  I love my walks and car rides are fun. 
I met a bunch of doggies here and I like them.  I ran across 3-4 cats and was fine with all of them. 
I do not bark much and would make a great forever companion.
I'm up to date on all my shots and I'm already neutered. 
 How can you resist such a beautiful dog as myself?  Well fill out the online application 
  Hope to hear from you soon
Update on Nellie AkA LoveY
I've got a new home, I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
 LoveY has been adopted!!



Hi there honey,.. My name is
Frozen L:10093oveY !
Puppy with baloon:9681
I'm a 3 year young Jack Russel mix "never met dad" 
 I 'm a little on the hefty side but thats O.K. ,... theres just more of me to love !! I'm a real good girl who loves attention. 
 I am superb on harness and just love taking strolls.  Car rides happen to be fun and I enjoy them.  I have been around alot of doggy friends and do fine.
 I am crate trained and always keep my crate nice and clean.  I am housetrained and can be left in the house to roam and have done very well. 
 I am up to date on all my shots and I am already spayed.  You know you and I would make a good match ! So what are you waiting for?? fill out the online application
Hope to hear from you soon !!




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