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Update Minnie Cream Puff  AkA Cream
I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Cream has been adopted!!


Hi, I'm CreaM ,
the only other female of my litter.
I am the one that sticks out from the rest and it is because of my beautiful cream like color.
I am the boss of this litter and keep everybody inline
According to my mom she says that it is sooo funny to see ! I find no humor in it,...
I am a good girl only 8 weeks old and just barely 3 lbs.
I play well with my friends here and can't wait to get my new forever home.
I've already had my first set of shots including the bordatella.
Email mom at HppyDogs@Verizon.Net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115
WwwwwrrrrrruFFFffff !!


Update on Blue

Hi there!  I had just finished telling someone about your rescue, so thought I’d come and see if
there was an update on Blue’s sister, Shaia.  I was happy to see that Jared & Andrea had sent in some pics of Shaia now that she is full grown. 
She is quite beautiful.  They have the same markings, however Blue has the long hair (which leaves us plenty of dust bunnies)! 
I thought I’d send a few to share once again.

Take care, glad to see you guys are still helping so many animals!






Blue Update

What can I say ~ we could not adore Blue more!  Today is his 6 month birthday and I just wanted to send you a pic to see how much he has changed.  All his puppy fur fell out ~ and he is now smooth haired just like his sister Angel ~ with the exception of his ears ~ they are still fuzzy.  The coloring also left the fur on his face ~ he is now a blond (and having more fun ;)   He has the nickname ‘mellow fellow’ from the vet.  At home he is as rambunctious as a 2 yr old, but when we take him out his behavior is wonderful.  He is calm, sits quietly, doesn’t bark ~ just perfect!


This was taken at a memorial day cookout.  He was so well behaved!!


This was taken when he was about 4 months old. 
He licked the remnants of ice cream out of a teacup ~ then fell asleep!!!
Talk about getting caught in the act!!!

Thanks again ~ you folks are just great!




Blue & his brothers!

Blue napping with her new big sister!
I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Blue has been adopted!!


Good Goly miss molly,..... am I cute or what !!!
Puppy with ball:9678
Never met my biological parents but my mom here thinks I'm a
Malamute / catahoula / german shep mix of some sort ???
Whatever I am MoM says big !! I'm only 13 weeks and weigh 13 lbs
My sister is about 11 lbs but, she has short fur.
Enough about her,... look at ME !! I'm handsome and such a goooooood boy.
I am learning to walk on a harness and doing well. I met 2 cats and liked them and I have even played with some Chihuahuas.
I have beautiful colors and such nice soft fur. I'm neutered, have my first set of shots, and my bordatela vaccination.
I am looking for a loving forever home,.... Will it be yours ???
Email MoM at Hppydogs@Verizon.Net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115
Hope to hear from you soon
Wuff Wuff
Buttercup Update
I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Buttercup has been adopted!!


I am a little girl named BuTTerCuP.
I'm only 8 weeks old and a very small 3 lbs.
Dog lady:9691
 I am so sweet, and such a love bug.
I do have 3 brothers and another sister also looking for a home.
I have had my first set of shots including the bordatela vaccine.
I love playing in the house and running around with my siblings. I do enjoy playing with toys " they are sooo much fun !! "
 I eat well like the others and am looking for a forever home. Is your home going to be the one??? I hope so !!
Email Mom at HppyDogs@Verizon.Net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115
WwwwrrrUffff !!
Update on Bella AkA Neva
 This is Eliza and Donna-Lee.
We had adopted a little Chihuahua back in March of last year and we have finally got around to
uploading some pictures of the new addition ;)
Her name was Neva, but we eventually changed it to Bella.
 Bella is extremely playful and lovesss to play with chew toys and believe it or not, blankets.
When her energy starts to dwindle, she loves to cuddle up with us especially if we are underneath a blanket.
With her little paw she will scratch at you to let her under the blanket too.
She also gets along great with our 11 year old dog, Emma.
Ever since we adopted Bella, Emma seems like a born again puppy.
They love to play together.
I hope you enjoy the pictures and we will send more!
Eliza and Donna-Lee




I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Neva has been adopted!!


tahh tah tah tahhhhhh,........
Its NevA ,...... the suuuuuper chihuahuaaaaa Heart superman:10224
HI I'm NevA ,......and after fighting villains all day I like to relax in my recliner by the fire.
Maybe get a nice belly rub, ear rub, some kind of rub, I like all kinds of rubs,.. Its all good !!
I'm about a year old and up to date on all my shots and already spayed. I love going for car rides and taking walks is a fun as well.
If your looking for a sweet little Chihuahua,... Look no further I am the one that you have been looking for. I am super all around dog that is looking for a home. Will it be yours??
 Email mom at Hppydogs@Verizon.Net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115
.........Is that a cry of help I hear??? ...... Off I go !!!!! ..........
 I'm NevA SUPERRRR chiHUAhuaAAAA !!!!
Update on Tucker AkA  BuTTon
I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Button has been adopted!!


My name is BuTToN ,
and I sure am as cute as one.
I am an 8 week old Chihuahua / mix weighing in at a hefty 3 lbs !!
I have had my first set of shots and have had my bordadela vaccine already.
I like being held and I like to lay on your chest as you rub me to sleep.
Eating is a good pass time and I do excel at it.
 I get along with all my siblings and mom is teaching me how to fetch.
I have learned to get the bal,.... giving it back is another lesson !!
Puppy with ball:9678
I am looking for a forever place to call home. Will it be with you !!
Email mom at Hppydogs@Verizon.Net or call her directly at
(508) 923-1115
Hope to see you soon Ruff WwwruFF !

Update on Shaia AkA Angel

Shaia is doing great! 
 She just turned 10 months and is about 35ibs. 
We were just at the vet and they said she is perfectly healthy and to keep up the good work. 
We absolutely adore how cuddly she is and how she loves everyone she meets. 
Her tail wags so fast it's almost like a whip!  We are so happy she came into our life.

Here are some recent pics.  We would love to come and visit sometime!


Andrea, Jared & Shaia




Attached are some more pictures of Shaia a.k.a Angel. 
We are very pleased with her progress and absolutely adore having her as a part of our family!


Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that our pup is doing great and we couldn't be happier.  She got her 2nd shot yesterday and did wonderfully.  Not a peep during it and it didn't slow her down for more than an hour or so.  We are working hard on her potting training and she is getting better.  She is also doing better in her crate.  Still some barking at first, but she is calming down much more quickly and sleeping through night.  We just bought a new camera so we'll send some more photos shortly.  She is doing pretty well on the leash (she always wants to run on the way home so we do a good sprint to the finish for last few hundred yards or so).  That pup has some wheels! lol.  About the only thing she hasn't learned yet is the biting but that is typical in pups her age.  We are constantly replacing our fingers with her favorite chewy but sometimes it takes a good half dozen tries before she gets it.  She can sit, and we are working on "Down" & "Stay".  She does pretty good with fetching too, but sometimes forgets to bring it back and just plops down.  She is 15lbs as of yesterday.  She still looks a bit skinny but she is eating well and has plenty of energy.  She absolutely loves people & has no problems with other dogs.  We run into a lot of people at the wildlife refuge and no one can resist her pretty face.  Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. 
Jared & Andrea


I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Angel has been adopted!!



Shining angel:11650
Hello everyone !!! Yes I am the one that AeroSmith wrote the song for "angel" (thanks Steve) Pink lipps:10151


anyways,.... I'm am such a loving little 13 week old BIG baby girl who is looking for a foreverhome.

I'm weighing in at 11 lbs and growing. I have already been spayed and I have had my first set of shots 

 I have been vaccinated with the bordatela vaccine as well.

I should be a really big girl. My brother is bigger than me but our looks are different. I look more Catahoula and he looks more Shepherd "y"

I love car rides as you can tell by my pictures and I like to dress up for the occasion,.....don't all girls ?!?!

I am ready and waiting for my forever home , Will it be yours !!

Email Mom at Hppydogs@verizon.net or call directly at (508) 923-1115
Hurry I'm Waiting !!


Update on Nuke


Hi there, Happy Summer~

Hope all the animals at Skyller's are staying cool,

I know we are!  Lots of swimming and kayaking with Nuke and Frodo this summer!
Lots of love!!!

 Hilary, George, Frodo, and Nuke!


Boy oh boy do mom and dad buy the best toys!!!  
This was the best Christmas ever!!
Merry Christmas Skyller's Dog and Cat Rescue!
Hilary, George, Nuke and Frodo!


Just checking in with some pictures of

Nuke is one happy boy and is loving summer with his family.  The first 
two pictures are of Nuke on my uncle's boat.  He spent the day with 
all of us, lounging on the party barge, having cocktails (just  kidding)
and jumping off the boat to get his toys. 
He wasn't too sure  what we were doing at first when we went out to the middle of the lake 
and anchored so we could all jump off the boat. 
But then when he saw that I had his water toys and he could swim,
he loved every minute of  it!

The third picture is of a little game Nuke and Frodo like to play call 
"switching beds."  Its hysterical!  They are so close now and enjoy 
spending time together, playing with 100 toys all over the house, 
pulling the stuffing out of each one.  I  have been very surprised at 
how well the two boys play together as Frodo has always been a dog who 
has kept to himself, especially has he has gotten older. 
With Nuke  though, there is a lot of rough and tumble around the house and in the 

Speaking of backyards, the fourth picture is of George and Nuke 
hanging out in the yard, taking a break from building our fence. 
Nuke  was a great help when building the fence as he dug the holes for us!

  He has gained a good amount of weight these last 4 months
probably  due to kong balls filled with treats and an occasional trip to get 
munchkins at Dunkin' Donuts
and is just spoiled rotten! We don't care 
though! With no kids to spoil yet, the dogs are treated like gold! Haha!

During the day when we are at work, Nuke and Frodo have the privilege 
of hanging out in the AC all day (tough life) and when they are not in 
the AC, stand at the bedroom door looking at us as if to say "and why 
am I out of your room right now?  Let us back in the cool air!"

Nuke has become a wonderful addition to our family.  He loves being 
with us, especially on car rides, walks,  and now, sleeping in the bed 
with us at night.  One of his favorite treats is the doggy dishes from 
Country Whip that he can share with Frodo.  He loves the beach, 
especially because he can bark at the waves.  This fall we are taking 
a trip to Freeport Maine and staying in a hotel for the first time 
with both of them!!!


I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Nuke has been adopted!!



Hi all !!! My name is NukE 
 I'm a 3 year old neutered male Doggy and G:9699erman Shepherd dog/Rhodesian Ridgeback/MiX ??
I am up to date on all my shots and am waiting for a home to call my own.
I get along with a female here at my new house named NovA and we mingle together and even bunk up together at night.
 I'm good on leash, do well on car rides,
and I like to relax at home Bored bandog:9669 
I am a little thin but filling in as time goes by. I would really make someone happy if they gave me the chance.
Email my mom and let her know that you would like to come and meet me. Can't wait to meet you!!
Email mom at : hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115
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