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Grace Update

The Culprit of the kale soup caper hahaha, and she isn't Portuguese!  Gracie is a great dog in every sense of the word, she has brought much joy to our family.  I can't get home fast enough from work to see her and Abby.  Each day is a new adventure, discovering more about her and her breed.  They are wonderful companions, loyal ,loving and a great defender of their families.  It's really a crime that they are treated so badly!!!!!  My family can't  thank you enough for all your efforts and for rescuing all pets!!  In the future, if there is any way my family can help in your rescue missions please call on us.  Much respect and admiration.
 The Savoie Family
P.S. she has a shoe fetish, but what girl doesn't? hahahaha!!




I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Grace has been adopted!!

Hi gentlemen, my name is Grace
and I an one sexy tri walker hound!! Unfortunately for you boys, I am taken. My boyfriend Clover, a plot hound, is really nice to me. We were both rescued together, maybe,... perhaps you would like both of us since we are both great together. We are both young only 1.5 yrs old, and we are in great physical shape! I am a lot more gentle then Clover but, ... aren't most girls?  LoL!! I love to be around my mom she is good to us over here, I like walks but I do prefer to be unleashed in a fenced in yard. I do well on car rides and I love everyone that I meet, even other dogs and cats don't seem to bother me much. I would love just to come and snuggle with you on the couch or go play in the yard, you know,... I am versatile! I am already spayed and up to date on all my shots, I'm on Frontline+Heartgaurd too. Believe me when you see me you will be making room in the pick up truck for me. I am the perfect all around dog that you have ever met. Email my mom at
hppydogs@verizon.net or call (508) 923-1115 if she doesn't pick up leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you asap. Hurry up!!!,. I'm waiting bye bye

Spike (aka Polo) Update
Hi just wanted to let you know that Spike is doing well.  He and Lucy and having fun everyday and he getting better with his house training.  He can be stubborn and times but all in all he is a wonderful little boy.  Here is a pic of him with his coach collar.   He still likes to stretch out and rub his belly on the rug, floor, grass and anything else.
I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Polo has been adopted!!

Yeah its me POLO
Just relaxing over here on a nice soft rug watching my mom give baths to these other guys over here, those poor guys,
ha ha
,.. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I'M NEXT!!?,.....LoL!!
Anyways,... I'm the cutest little Chihuahua that you have ever seen. My little tail curls up nicely over my back. I love to stretch out in this position and get rubbed on my back!!  Feel free to pick me up and carry me around anywhere & everywhere!!  Don't get me wrong, I can play with the best of them.  I get along with all dogs Big/Small, my new best friend is a German Shepherd named LUA " What A Woman!!"  She likes me too!!. I'm only 1 year old, up to date on all my shots, neutered, and micro chipped.  I am ready to be with my forever family where I can love and be loved.  Are You the one for me??  I bet you think that I'm so cute just laying here all stretched out huh?  Just so you know, I did take a bath and Mom put the embarrassing picture of me on the web.  Geee, Thanks Mom.  LoL!!! Tell you what, Email mom at hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you ASAP
Don' t leave me here Waiting So Long, HuRRy UUuuuup!!!


Peedee Update








I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Peedee has been adopted!!


Hey, Hey HEYYY!!!!,.Its PEEDEE!!!
I'm a 4 yr young Yorkie/shi-tzu mix. Talk about cute,.Just look at me. My fur has not grown in yet because my mom just rescued me and found out that I have a Hypo Thyroid. I am on meds, 2 pills a day, which will drop down to 1 a day and soon will be less. The script for 2 pills a day only costs $14.95  I am already neutered and up to date on all my shots + micro-chipped.  I love to cuddle, and roam around the house like a big shot!!!!   I love to go see my friends outside, German Shepherds, Pit-Bulls, Hounds, Beagles + Labs. I am a good boy who listens well and comes to when I am called.  I play well with other small dogs here and the to cats are pretty cool too!!! I can be your forever friend if you just give me the chance, How can you turn down this loveable face?
Email mom at Hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at   (508) 923-1115  leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you asap!!
Oliver (aka Devlin) Update
I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Devlin has been adopted!!


If you are looking for a nice, energetic, small terrier,.... LOOK NO FURTHER.  You have found your life long companion,.......
DEVLIN , Is my name and being your forever friend is my game!!  Hi, I'm Devlin the 1 year old terrier.  I am up to date on all my shots, neutered, and micro chipped.  I do well with all dogs, In fact I can't get enough of playing with them. I do bark at them, not to start a fight but, to get their attention so we can  PLAY!!  I love walks, car rides are great, and running around the house and in the yard is my favorite.  I listen o.k., I am crate trained, and do all of my duties outside.  I keep my crate tip topI even make my bed and cook breakfast for the entire family UUHHHh,....  Not really but it sounded good, didn't it?!  I like to play ball in the yard and I especially like leg + belly rubs!  Do you think that you could find a place for me in your heart? You know, as a new member of the family? I won't let you down!!
Email mom at hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you ASAP!!!
HuRRy ,........ I   NEEEEEED   YOU !!!
Rocky & Gizmo Update
We've got a new home,. We've got a new home!!! We've Been Adopted !!
Rocky and Gizmo have been adopted!!




If your looking for the cutest tiger kitty around,.. Look no further!!!!  You Found me!! Its
not the boxer but the happiest, sweetest, most loveable DSH kitty in town. I'm only 6 weeks old and am FULL of energy. I play just about ALL day and half of the night!  I love to play with the other kitties around here and love snuggling with them too.  I have played with a couple of Chihuahuas,  Lab, and a Pit Bull.  I'm use to being around a lot of doggies and kitties so if you already have some I'll fit right in. Are you ready to come and get me? I'm waiting,... As soon as I am old enough mom will have me spayed and I will be up to date on all my shots.  Look at my cute face, I have such a great personality, Can't wait to meet you ,........  Bye............  Time to play!!!!!
 Email mom at hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and numbers and she will get back to you asap !!


Hi its me GIZMO, I'm 8weeks old. I am a female DLH. I love to play like all kittens do.  I need a forever home and was wondering if it would be with you.  I play well with other kitties and doggies, I'm not afraid of doggies I even have a friend Pit Bull that snuggles with me. I will be spayed when I'm old enough and will have all my shots. Email mom at hppydogs@verizon.net  or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s)
and she will call you back
Time to Play Bye Bye 


Happy Ending for Henry (AKA  Chico Bandito)

I adopted Henry (previously Chico Bandito) on September 27, 2008 from Skyller’s.  I was looking to adopt a small dog and
actually noticed Snickers, a small brown Chihuahua, on Skyller’s website, which is what led me to Skyller’s. 
 I filled out the application and went to see the dog on Saturday afternoon.  What a place….they are so caring and have a huge
backyard for the animals to run and play. 

Snickers was VERY rambunctious and very friendly.  He was only 1 ½ years old.  When I told Delia that I would be
 bringing the dog to a nursing home 5 nights a week, I was introduced to another Chihuahua named Chico Bandito. 
He was so scared.  He was shaking, but he just sat on my lap and didn’t move.  I knew right then and there that he was
the PERFECT dog for me.  I was told that he had been neglected before he came to the shelter so I knew he would need lots of loving,
which he would have gotten…neglected or not.  I
took him with me that day.

I had to give him a name that I wanted…I name my animals after movie stars.  I also have 4 cats at home. 
I decided to name him Henry, after a movie that Harrison Ford was in. 

I brought Henry to the nursing home that same night.  He was VERY afraid of everyone, so he stuck close by me all night. 
Everyone there loves him.  He would not go near anyone at first.  He would run away from everyone, but now, 6 months later,
he lets only a few people there pat him and give him treats and will get fairly close to many others to sniff them.  He now
knows the nursing home like the back of his paw.  He knows where the lunch room is, which he visits often looking for handouts….
which he gets lots of.  He also knows which room we go to each night.  He is sometimes for the first one there, but usually
he makes pit-stops in the lunch room and day room first to check out the food situation. 
  Everyone knows and loves him there. 
He puts a smile on everyone’s face. 

I absolutely adore Henry.  He sleeps with me every night……usually under the covers.  He doesn’t really pay attention to the cats. 
Maybe in time he will start to play with them, but right now he just likes to lay with me.  He is already very protective of me. 

I can’t wait till the summer to see him swim.  I am told he likes to swim and I have a pool in my backyard. 
He loves to be outside, but not in the winter.  He would just go and do what he had to and run right back in the house or nursing home. 
Now, in March 2009, he is spending more time outside on the nicer days.

I take pictures of him all the time, mostly at the nursing home…he loves to snuggle under the covers on pillows or between pillows. 



Not only is Henry a great family member but, a therapy dog for the people at the nursing home that he visits everyday!!




Happy Ending for Rozi (AKA Zoey)



Marlo Update




I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Marlo has been adopted!!


Hey!!!!,... I'm MARLO the 1 yr old lab mix
 I'm beautiful with the personality to match
.  I love to play with all my friends over here. I'm learning what those fuzzy creatures called cats are too! They are alright, but funny looking. I do have a boyfriend named BRANDO but, we are just talking, nothing serious. He is pretty cute and plays well with me. I'd love if he's adopted with me but you know what they say,... Plenty of fish in the sea!!!,.... LoL I love walks and do great on a leash. I am crate trained and do all my duties outside. Car rides are fun, and relaxing on the couch with the a/c is even better. My old owner tossed me out of their car while it was moving and when I fell out I hurt my bum and scraped my tail too!! "OUCH" What a bunch of jerks that they were. Thank god that I got out of that relationship!  Now I'm looking for a good mom or dad or both, to take good care of me, love me, treat me like I should be treated. By the way, my bum and tail are ok. I do have a small scar on my bum but, my fur is growing in nicely. Pretty soon you won't even notice that it was there. I am the sweetest lab that you have ever met, and when meet me you will fall in love with me! Email my mom at
Hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you asap P.S. HURRY UP!!!

Jazz (AKA Rita) Update



As a family we started looking to adopt a dog.  We searched a number of places and websites when we stumbled across www.adoptapet.com ,  which linked us to Skyllers Dog and Cat Rescue.  There were many dogs to choose from. 
We made an appointment and went to visit.  While at the rescue, we were introduced to a number of dogs. 
As soon as we saw "Rita" now Jazz, We knew immediately that we had found our dog. 
The kids loved her as well as my husband and myself.


This was such a positive experience.  Delia was so helpful.  She helped us find the best fit for our family. 
She offered us advice on selecting the best dog for us.  We also appreciated her helpfulness
with any questions we had after we adopted Jazz.


Here we are 2 months later and could not be happier!  Jazz IS a part of our family.  She is so well behaved. 
She loves to sleep in her bed or on the couches, which we don't mind. 
She loves to go for walks around the pond and she loves car rides.  She is so social. 
Where ever we are, Jazz is always nearby.  We just Love her soooo Much!!  Now our family is complete.

Thank you to Skyller's Rescue for finding the best dog for us!!


I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Rita has been adopted!!


I am the most loveable, gentle, and happy girl that you have ever met, and my name is Rita.   Mamma was a beagle and daddy was a hound, I think. one thing I know for sure,... I am beautiful!!! I love walks, car rides are ok, and being loved is my favorite. I can and will be your shadow if you would like. I approach all dogs big and small and give them kisses right away to let them know that I'm ok. I am spayed and up to date on all my shots, and ready for a forever home!!!  Come and meet me and you will fall in love. Hey you truck drivers!!!,.... looking for some company?...., look no further Rita is here. Email mom at Hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 and leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you asap. Well,... What are you waiting for?.. Hurry up and make the first move,... I can't email you!  My paws are to big to type!! Bye Bye 


Tyco Update
Just got your Christmas card & wanted to update you with some new photos of Tyco, his sister Cara & Max.  Cara is also an italian greyhound chihuahua mix who we found through the East Coat Italian Greyhound Rescue organization last year.  She came from a hoarding situation in Wisconsin and has helped us through a very difficult time - the passing of our very much loved minpin Max.  After months of failing health, and with the guidance & assistance of our vet Jenny Maas, he died in my arms at home with his family around him.
Again, thank you so much for bringing Tyco into our family.  He is truly a blessing.
with much love,
Barbara, Bob, Tyco & Cara Velardi

Hi.  I'm getting pretty comfortable in my forever home.  Dad is my all time favorite, with Mom a close second. 
My brother Max & I are getting along great.  Finally met Jenn (my big sister who's away at college & hates having  her picture taken)
and Loren (my other big sister who's married with a husband named Brandon, a little girl named Haley & a
shitzu named Sancho).  Don't know who loves me more, but when Loren went home today, she tried to smuggle me out in her tote bag.
Thanks so much for everything you did for me.  LOVE YOU!!!




I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Tyco has been adopted!!




AND IN THIS CORNER, WEIGHING IN AT 5.7 LBS....... OUR CHAMPION,........  TYCO !!!   Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm BIG,.. and BAD,..... and beautiful!!  A full 5.7 lbs of solid rock muscle LoL  : ) !!  I'm 1 year old and still have a couple of baby teeth that are going to come out.  I am the most loveable Chihuahua / Italian Greyhound ever.  I love to gallop around the house like a little horsey.  I am such a happy and nosey boy who likes to watch everyone and see what they are doing.  I do like to be cuddled and kept warm since I have very little fur.  Car rides are fun, and walks are O.K. I like all of my friends over here all the doggies BIG/small, and cats are cool too!!  I even don't mind my baths I do get a little nervous at first but, that passes within the first couple of minutes. I would really like a home where I would be loved. Will you be my new family????  I'm up to date on all my shots, neutered, and micro-chipped. I'm ready to go so, COME ON what are you waiting for?  Email mom at hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you ASAP
By the way HhhuuuuRrrry Uuuuup!!


Zepplin Update

I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Zepplin has been adopted!!


I was just rescued recently from a shelter and I'm totally ready for adoption. I'm up to date on all my shots and I'm already neutered. I get along with all dogs (big & small) and I like cats too! By the way I'm the handsome fellow towards the bottom of the picture! I love to walk around the yard, I'm very NOSEY! I'll let you know when i want to go out. I've got the SOFTEST black fur that you ever felt. I do have a very distinctive low bark that makes me  WICKED COOL! I heard the females around here say so,... well... I think that's what they said. Well.. my mom definitely thinks I'm cool! I forgot to mention
I'm a 4 yr old Chihuahua. Come and see me and you will want me to be your forever friend. Email my mom at
HPPYDOGS@VERIZON.NET  leave your NAME & NUMBER(S) and she will call you asap! see yah!!
My adoption fee is $250.


Toby AkA Timmie Update

Hello Friends,
We thought you would like some new pictures of TOBY -
We adopted him from you as Timmy in Nov 2008.  But our good friend Lynnie (in the first picture) has a medical assist therapy alert dog named
Timmy (shown in the pictures ) so we went with the name Tobias - TOBY for short - so they would not get confused.  Toby has come a long way and he is a little cuddle bug. 
He now weighs about 19 pounds and is all muscle. 
  He is very very smart; but still very timid around strangers.  He is very spoiled and has toys everywhere. 
He sleeps with Chris and me every night and loves to be under his own knitted blanket - nose buried. 
He loves all kinds of weather and is not afraid to go flying through the snow - even when it is over his head. 
Whenever we come home he greets us each with a kiss and then runs to fetch a favorite toy and bring it to us.
  Our good friend, Lynnie, and her poodle, Timmy are now living with us. 
Because of her good training with dogs, we have been able to acclimate Toby to her, my mom and one or two other friends.  Toby gets good vet care from the Healing Arts vet
who works with large zoo animals.  We think Toby is his smallest client!  We hope to make more progress with having more people around this summer.  T
he last picture is a cool one of Toby.  He is literally flying in the air running towards me. 
We have moved back to our  home in Cranston and he has a fully fenced in yard ot run and play and a big neighborhood wehere he gets lots of walks in all kinds of weather 2 or 3 times a day.
Toby is very very happy and very spoiled.  
We love him dearly. 
Liz Lussier




Timmie Update







I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Timmie has been adopted!!
HEYYYyy!!  How are you doing?,.... Good I hope.  Well let me introduce myself,.. My name is  TIMMIE I am the nicest, most loveable, Dachshund/Jack Russell  that you have ever met.  I'm only 2 years young and completely ready for my permanent home.  I love car rides, You could drive for miles as I relax in your lap and do the occasional look out the window to see the scenery,.. and the leaves look great this time of the year!!  I also do very well on a leash and just as good on a harness that mom uses to take me out on walks which I love!!  I have been introduced to all kinds of dogs BIG/small and I do well with all.  I have met about 4 cats and I do well with all of them and I like to give them a sniff when I get close enough to them.  I am up to date on all my shots, and neutered.  I do well in the house and I am crate trained too!!    I do get very close to my immediate family and get a little protective so, I will need someone that will correct me when I bark at stranger or when someone new comes to the house.  Other than that I am the perfect addition to any family.  Will it be yours???!!  Can't wait to meet you, and when we do I bet that you will fall in love with me!! Hurry,.... Email mom at hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) and she will get back to you ASAP
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