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Bridget Update

Bridgett's Story




Bridgett with her energetic personality has changed our lives. 
Ray and I had become somewhat couch potatoes, preferring to read in our spare time.  But not anymore! 
She has a large fenced in back yard, and she runs and runs.  If I tell her there's a squirrel in the birdfeeder, she fixes that!  She's always asking me to go out in the yard with her.  I've become her gardening assistant!  But what she really loves is her walks.  We frequently take her to two dogs parks, and she loves it.  And the exercise for us is great, too.  She also is taken for a walk in the morning and evening.  I can't wait to take her to the beach.  We can do that after Sept 15th. 
We love her so much!  And can't imagine life without her!


I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Bridgett has been adopted!!


Hi, I'm Bridgett.
I'm 1.5 years old, up to date on all my shots, spayed and micro-chipped. I'm a min pin/pug/mix. I don't look like either though, I'm about 20lbs, taller than a pug, and thin like a minpin. I like car rides, walks, and I LOOOOVE water! Laughing  Go ahead get the hose and hose me down,... I love it!!! Put me in the pool and watch me swim. I do great on a leash, do you walk?., if so you can be my friend. If you want after the walk I can be a couch potato with you. You can carry me around like a Chihuahua, or put me down and see what a good girl I am. I'll be your shadow if you want. I get along with all dogs and I even play with cats!! Innocent Mom says that I'm the perfect dog, Innocentgood size, good temperament, and very clean. All my duties are done outside, I am crate trained but I like to sleep in bed with mom. Come down and see me you will fall in love right away! Email mom at
hppydogs@verizon.net or call her at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) she will call you asap! I'm waiting for you,... Hurry the sooner you call the sooner we can play!!  My adoption fee is $250 


Smudge Update

Smudge is doing awesome and she is hysterical in the snow.  She loves it!  She hops through the snow like a rabbit.  She absolutely loves being outside with us and is exhausted when she comes in the house.  She even helped us pull the kids on the sled the other day during the snow storm (see attached photos).  She really is a good girl and we absolutely love her.  Thank you for giving us such a wonderful dog.  She is doing "better" with the jumping when someone comes through the door, but we are continuing to work on this.  She is very sneaky and grabs the kids stuffed animals and toys whenever she is not getting attention.  She is very good in the house alone as long as there isn't anything she can get at!  She is a chewer.  She also chases the cat whenever she gets a chance, so we blocked the porch entrance so she can't get at him outside and the cat comes in the wood stoved basement  and hides when Smudge is downstairs with us.  Cat doesn't seem to mind.  He loves being outside, but does come over to get some loving when Smudge isn't around.  Don't think Smudge will ever leave him alone as she just wants to play, play, play.  She has chased a fox in the yard and growls at the squirrels (and her reflection in the window as well).  She has been in the house with about 30 people over (including about 9 kids) during a birthday party and was absolutely LOVING all of the attention she received.  She is such a mush.









Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how Smudge is doing.  She is awesome and has fit in very nicely into our life.  Wasn't too sure when she was left with my Mom for the first time because she has sooooo much energy, but she has calmed down and Mom has more faith in how she is around the kids.  Smudge loves to run around out 3 acre lot!!  I'm surprised she isn't a greyhound with the speed she does!!!  She loves our horse who is awesome with dogs (thank goodness) because Smudge runs under her and all around her.  She even eats her horse food out of her dish while she is eating.  She is being well behaved for my Mom while we are at work.  She is AMAZING with the kids.  My son sits on her head and cannot get close enough to her.  Smudge doesn't seem to mind a bit.  She loves all of the attention she has been receiving and is such a mush.  We left her at home yesterday with free rein of the living room and kitchen for about 4 hours and she was a very good girl.  We give her free reign of the yard and have not put her on a chain since day one.  She doesn't leave our site.  All she wants to do is be with you.  She is chasing our cat when she sees him, so the cat doesn't come in the house and stays away from Smudge.  We are working on this relationship now.  Smudge knows when it is time to go to bed and sleeps right in her bed in our room.  She does not jump on the furniture at all and sleeps through the night!!  We are also teaching her not to jump on people  She gets so excited.  She is doing better with this.  She also tends to grab our shoes or the baby's toys when we are not looking.  She is a little sneak!!












I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Smudge has been adopted!!


ts a bird, Its a plane, Its,....... SMUDGE!!!
the 1.5 year old Lab/SpringerSpaniel mix!!! I am the most loveable dog that you have ever met. I will up to date on all my shots, spayed, and micro chipped as of 9-3-08.  I am the PERFECT FAMILY DOG!!!! I love to Play, Snuggle, Run around, and Relax On The Couch. I am what you call versatile!!! I love meeting new people, and everyone I meet I love.  I do well with other dogs big/small, even cats, I just got introduced to them and mom says that I'm doing fine.  I am so beautiful, and FULL OF LIFE. I bet that as soon as you lay eyes on me that you will want me to be part of your life!! All the dogs around here at mom's place love me, They think that I'm the best thing since sliced bread!! LoL  I love car rides, I do good on a leash" I do pull a little" and in the house I am an angel !  Just leave me something to do like a bone, chew toy, or a rope to play with and I'm all set.
You need to email mom at Hppydogs@verizon.net or call directly (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) and she will call you asap!!
Come on!!! ... Hurry Up !!!..... I'm Waiting!!

Love Update

Hi Everyone !!!
 Its me Love  Puppy with baloon:9681
I have to tell you that I had a super time at my old foster home for a week.
I got to reunite with old friends, make new ones, and meet strange creatures!
Check out my video and Enjoy
Bye Waving puppy:9680

Love's Video > click here





Hi everyone its love here just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing great with my new family. I recently came back from my first vacation on the cape and it was great. Went to the beach for the first time and ran around like crazy. I've also found that I don't do too well with little dogs that try to bully me around but that's being worked on. Just recently my mommy and daddy brought home a tiny kitten that I'm trying to get used to and am doing better every day. All day long while they're at work I sit on the couch and wait for them to return Other than that everything is great and I love having daddy chase me around the house all night while I hold my stuffed animals in my mouth. I usually win because I'm quicker and can squeeze through smaller spaces.


I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Love has been adopted!!


LOVE is my name and love is my game.
I am the sweetest, happiest pit-bull you ever met. I'm 9months to 1 year old spayed, up to date.  As soon as I see someone I wiggle from side to side and if you come and pet me I turn inside out. I
LOOOOOVE attention. I like walks, car rides, and lounging out in the sun! I would make the perfect couch potato, but I would like going for walks everyday too! I get along with dogs, but I don't know if I like cats yet? I don't bark much and when I do I have a low bark. I get so excitedLaughing when I see people, I just want to come right on over for a session of kissing,Kisswiggling, acting stupid. I'm super goofy and would make a great addition to a loving family. I need a home so please consider me., i will not let you down!!Innocent Email mom at hppydogs@verizon.net  or call her at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and number(s) she will call you back asap, promise! My adoption fee is $250

Mugzy's Update Pictures




've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Mugzy has been adopted!!


a 4 yr old male pug. I was found roaming the streets and my owners never came looking for me. My new mom has taught me all kinds of good stuff and has given me another chance. I've got so many friends that I hang around with everyday. I get along with all dogs and I don't mind cats either. Kids are o.k. too. I like hanging around, laying out in the yard, I love car rides and WALKS are my FAVORITE. I'm up to date with all my shots, fixed, and by the way I just had a dental and all my teeth are perfect! I'm a very good boy and I'll keep someone good company. Email my mom at
HPPYDOGS@VERIZON.NET  leave your NAME and NUMBER(S) and she'll get back to you Asap! I can't wait to meet you and sit on your lap, my tummy needs a rub! My adoption fee is $250.


We rescued Keegan in August of 2008 and we couldn't be a happier family!
We live in East Walpole and take walks to the near by park every day. 
Keegan is a big sister to our nine month old daughter Kaelyn, and to our other pet, Lily the cat. 
She has a best friend Coco, the dog who lives right next door. 
Keegan is sweet, sensitive, playful, affectionate, energetic, and a great family member. 
We thought we would send you some recent pictures of her. 
Thank you again for helping us find our perfect four legged friend!
Best wishes,
Greg and Shanti Collins

Happy Endings Pictures of Keegan
I've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Keegan has been adopted!!

Hey there,  My name is  KEEGAN
I'm sweet, gentle, and affectionate!!!  I love attention, and really love to be pet on my head and floppys.  I do NOT like to be crated, I do bark at other dogs, but I am NOT aggressive!!!  I do o.k. on a leash and I'm learning not to pull.  I'm only 1 year old, up to date on all my shots, and I am already spayed. I get along with dogs and when I see cats I like to give them a sniff. I would be perfect in a family environment, and I would be fine indoors and out. I like to kick the turbo on when I am outside and then I come in for a little lap dog time!! Email my mom at
hppydogs@verizon.net or call her directly at (508) 923-1115 leave your Name and Number(s) and she will get back to you asap. Hurry I'm Waiting!!!



Happy Endings Picture of Harley

HO , HO , ho , Everybody !!!
I just love my new home !!!



've got a new home,. I've got a new home!!! I've Been Adopted !!
Harley has been adopted!!


Hi, I'm Harley!!
a 5 month old Pit-Bull. I was rescued not that long ago from a neglect case. My original owner kept me in a small wire cage outside in 98 degree weather with no food or water.
Frown When the good people of the neighborhood saw me they contacted the police and told them all about my owner and how he abused and neglected me. He even let people carry me around by my skin as if I were some sort of toy!Frown I don't know why he did such a thing,.. I thought that he loved me?.. Well, on the bright side my new mom really loves me, she treats me like gold. She is teaching me all kinds of things like Walking, Walking on a leash, Stairs, to make my pee pee and poop outside. She even has a bunch of friends for me to play with! I've been here for such a short time and I'm getting so much more meat on my bones. I'll eat anything, and I love drinking my water out of mom's fountain" I watched the cats and a few dogs do it so, I figured that I would try it too!" Mom has an appointment at our vet to neuter me, get all my shots, and microchip me too! I can't wait for my forever new home, It is going to be so great! I'm really handsome too, and I love to play with my friends, especially my friend FAITH the pit bull/ lab. She's showing me the ropes around here. I bet when you meet me that you won't want to leave without me. Wanna bet?! Email my mom at hppydogs@verizon.net or call her at (508) 923-1115 leave your name and numbers and I'll assure you that mom will call you asap,... You have my word on that,... what are you waiting for? hurry up and call!!

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